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Hotel Akademia, built in the 50s is located at a distance of about 1000 m northwest of the village Voskopoja, among the evergreen and fresh air. After restoration in 2000-2004 Hotel Akademia offers 16-room hotel service 13 villas, a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Korça cuisine and stunning natural beauties. Among other things, do not forget to visit the village with 24 former churches where the history of civilization and development of Voskopoja is told. Only 400 meters near the hotel is the Monastery of St. Prodhrom, the oldest existing building of the village, built in 1932.

Our Rooms

Private Villa

In addition to the hotel rooms, at the Academy you have the opportunity to book and accommodate in small wooden villas in the middle of greenery and fresh air of Voskopoja forest. Relax in the calm nature Hotel Akademia gives you the opportunity to relax outside of stress and city noises. Our hotel is located near the forests of Voskopoja which give you the opportunity to fill with fresh air and your problems. Enjoy mountain activities By being accommodated in our hotel you have the opportunity to enjoy various activities offered by mountain tourism such as hiking, camping, horse riding etc.

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